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Our Information Team and Technology

Within the past few years, ARS has made significant investments in information technology, hardware, software and support. These investments allow ARS to provide its clients with the latest, most reliable, state of the art IT solutions. Additionally, ARS retains a strong partnership with KB Technical, LLC for NW administration, IT solutions and support. The KB Technical team, along with ARS operations management and PACS Administration teams, work closely together to provide our clients with reliable new client installs, workflow solutions, IT support and remote active monitoring.

ARS PACS – Picture Archiving Communication Storage System

ARS utilizes RamSoft PACS, a stable, robust and versatile cloud based PACS system. This system utilizes a single platform database technology, one of the most competitive imaging solutions in the market today. RamSoft PACS, a fully web-based image management solution provides the stability and performance Radiology Practices require today.

ARS Voice Recognition Dictation

ARS, after much research, has recently invested in an upgrade to Nuance’s Powerscribe 360 Voice Recognition Dictation System. Powerscribe 360 is a top of the line VR System that provides more control over reporting, which makes the dictation process significantly faster and more accurate, providing higher levels of satisfaction to referring providers and enhancing patient care. This VR upgrade will allow ARS Radiologists to better utilize VR technology, while improving accuracy, turnaround time and overall efficiency. ARS will deploy this system in June, 2015.

ARS & KB Technical - A Strategic Alliance

Advanced Radiology Solutions and KB Technical teamed up to provide radiological facilities with Best In Class IT support. ARS wants to take the frustration out of integrating our Radiology services into your practice and have put a strategic partnership in place with KB Technical a Managed Services IT Provider to support the implementation seamlessly into your workflow.

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