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Quality Assurance

It is the firm belief of ARS that image quality and patient care has to be demonstrated daily and tracked continuously. Our internal peer review processes are extensive and comprehensive. We continuously track procedural related outcomes to improve patient care and achieve best practices. We have adopted the RadPeer model for daily quality assurance. Additionally, we have a double-blind reread program that randomly reviews studies performed in all areas to improve individual physician practice. Our critical values and emergency room protocol reporting process is layered to achieve a high level of compliance. We achieve this process with technology, enhanced physician training and our commitment to improvement and quality patient care.

ARS QA Processes

ARS Routine Internal Review

Routinely, the ARS QA Radiologist selects cases for over-read and review, for clients where over-read does not occur daily. ARS Focus QA reads are also performed on specific modalities and study types as a part of ARS Performance Improvement Processes.

ARS Routine Review at ARS Staffed Hospitals

100% of all ARS Teleradiology preliminary studies are ‘over read’ on a daily basis by ARS Radiologists working at respective facility.

Client Requested Review

ARS Clients contact ARS by emailing ARS at: regarding study discrepancies. These studies are reviewed by ARS Radiologist, upon completion of review, ARS Client can easily view corresponding QA report in the ARS PACS System.

ARS OPPE Reporting

Since 2012, ARS has further enhanced our QA program with the introduction of OPPE- Ongoing Professional Performance Evaluations for our Radiologists. Our OPPE program allows us to provide report cards for our Radiologist, tracking such things as medical/clinical knowledge, practice based learning and improvement, professionalism and system-based practice. Sample OPPE form below:

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