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About Us

In 2009, under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Yu, MD, Advanced Radiology Solutions began providing quality Teleradiology Services to hospitals, urgent care sites and outpatient centers in New Jersey, to meet the growing telehealth needs of our medical community. ARS began this endeavor with highly skilled radiologists, a robust PACS System with voice recognition software, and a commitment to quality, growth and improvement. Our commitment to our clients continues, as we focus on quality patient care, high quality image interpretation and meeting the personalized needs of our clients.

Now, in 2015, with our recent Joint Commission Accreditation, our commitment to quality, continued growth, client base and partnerships at ARS remain strong. ARS, now a regional company, provides various teleradiology services to clients in New York, New Jersey and as far away as Florida. Our strong customer relationships with our Clients and our staff’s focus on meeting their various workflow needs, has helped our growth tremendously. ARS is able to provide 24/7/365 remote radiology for all types of clients including: doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, stand-alone emergency room clients, community hospitals, teaching hospitals and major trauma centers.

Additionally, ARS has made significant investments in state of the art information technologies, including a robust PACS Systems, top of the line voice recognition software, remote active system monitoring and hi availability remote reading work stations for our Radiologists. Our strong relationship with our IT Administrator, KB Technical, LLC, allows ARS to provide our clients with resourceful, comprehensive, and timely IT support and state of the art IT solutions. Our strong IT systems, personnel and workflow expertise allow ARS to provide turnkey, customized IT solutions that can to enhance efficiency and meet or exceed our Clients’ individualized needs.

Finally, our committed, radiologists ensure the highest level of quality image interpretation and consultation for our clients. ARS Radiologists are experienced, board certified and fellowship trained physicians who are dedicated to providing accurate, timely and quality imaging interpretation and patient care. The core expertise of ARS Radiologists includes: MSK, body imaging, neuroradiology, PET/CT, women’s imaging and nuclear medicine. The expertise of our radiologists, our staff’s commitment to our client’s needs and our state of the art IT solutions and expertise have uniquely poised ARS to continue to offer quality services to various client types.

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